what is wastecraft?

It is a young Dutch Design brand. WasteCraft makes design products where it is always clear that the product is made from waste. They convert that waste into a stunning visual design.

their mission

WasteCraft aims to transform discarded materials into trendy and unique products.

The essence of WasteCraft’s philosophy lies in their ability to convert waste into visually captivating designs. Their primary objective is to raise awareness about the significance of reusing materials. Currently, the origin of recycled products remains on clear, lacking any visible indications. WasteCraft sought to revolutionize this by ensuring that the source of their products was unmistakably recognizable.

By infusing waste into the design process, WasteCraft allowed the products themselves to narrate the tale of recycling. And they want to challenge all designers to create more awareness for recycled materials in their design.


What is wasteCraft trying to achieve?

They want to change the design industry and make recycled materials more desirable and more used.

At the company they firmly believe that designers hold the key to driving sustainable practices on a larger scale. That’s why they emphasize the importance of designers becoming more conscious of the value recycled material. By showing the waste material in the design, WasteCraft believes that it will contribute to spreading awareness and inspire to work more sustainably with materials.

WasteCraft sparks the conversation about recycling by making design products for companies from their own waste stream material. This gives the sustainability story of a company a kickstart. They call this their “conversation starter”. After that, they accelerate the story through PR and communication campaigns, centered around their conversation starter. Eventually making the conversation starter a catalyst for initiating meaningful discussions.

What makes them sustainable?

Which practices do they implement at WasteCraft to be sustainable?

By using waste for their products they reuse and repurpose these to give it a new life. This way no new resources are used and depleted. By using these as conversation starters they are trying to inspire others to do the same. They also produce a CapsPlate which can be used in everyday products to make them more circular and to create more conversation starters everywhere. 

Side Tables

The tabletops are handmade from recycled bottle caps and white regranulate. This makes every tabletop unique. 

Waste Boards

WasteBoards are skateboards made from recycled plastic bottle caps. These Wasteboards make people, and especially young people, more enthusiastic about recycling!

Light Screens

WasteCraft handmakes 1 by 1 meter recycled bottle cap plates. These works of art become even more special when you turn on the light inside them.


They also developed their own plate material made from recycled plastic bottle caps. With their own material the possibilities are endless! The plates are made alongside people with a distance to the labor market.