Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf

what is Viktor & Rolf

It is an avant-garde luxury fashion house founded in 1993 by fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren after their graduation from the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design.

their mission

They want to design fashion that embodies conceptual glamour, provocative couture & unexpected elegance.

Viktor & Rolf showcase their Haute Couture collection during Paris Fashion Week, considering it their laboratory of creative experimentation. Binspiration aims to highlight a specific Haute Couture collection, Vagabonds autumn/winter 2016, which utilizes carefully chosen fabrics and garments from previous seasons. 

Their designs often feature bold and exaggerated silhouettes, intricate craftsmanship, and innovative use of materials. They have gained international recognition for their artistic creations, combining fashion and art.


What makes Viktor & rolf sustainable?

With their autumn/winter collection in 2016 they reused and recycled material.

Their autumn/winter collection in 2016 was titled “Vagabonds.” It showcased their signature artistic and conceptual style with a focus on recycling and repurposing materials. The collection took a unique approach by incorporating select fabrics and garments from previous seasons, giving them a new life and meaning.

The designers themselves have best expressed it: “We look at the past in a new light and use it as a stepping-stone for the new, the more durable. Recycling is therefore employed as a means of expression rather than a goal in itself, reflecting a thoughtful attitude and a focus on conscious designing.”


Viktor & Rolf has an amazing collection of women’s clothes, from tops to outerwear.


They also have a beautiful men’s collection. Find out if it suits your style!

Haute Couture

Check out the full Vagabonds autumn/winter 2016 collection. You can also find all collections from past years!

And more

They have a lot more to offer, like fragrances and wedding dresses and suits. Check it out yourself by clicking the button and be amazed by their designs.