what is vepa

It is a family business that primarily creates furniture. The company is focused on continuity, innovation, and sustainability. Vepa is part of the Fair Furniture Group, a strong group of Dutch manufacturers of office and project furniture.

their mission

Vepa wants to be the leader of sustainability in the furniture industry.

The people in charge at Vepa have a simple and determined way of doing things. They always prioritize innovation and investments. This way of thinking leads the company on a path to becoming fully sustainable in every way. Currently, Vepa stands as a prominent furniture manufacturer in the Netherlands, with operations extending to the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany. Their products are crafted by skilled individuals using state-of-the-art machinery.


Their goals

Vepa wants to invest in sustainable innovation and development.

They are working hard to make their furniture production more environmentally friendly. For instance, they are using new methods, materials, and cleaner energy sources. the company is also teaming up with others to reduce their impact on the environment. They have specific goals, like using fewer polluting cars and finding greener ways to make their furniture. On top of everything they are building their factories in more sustainable ways and using clean energy from the Netherlands.

Vepa wants to create a waste-free business operation.

They prioritize sustainability through the utilization of 100% recyclable materials, effectively repurposing residual materials, and successfully attaining a “waste-free” status at their Hoogeveen location. Moreover, they maintain utmost transparency in their sustainability goals, openly sharing results and processes. Vepa endeavors to create a better future for nature, the environment, customers, and future generations. They hold a deep regard for the well-being of their people.

Vepa wants to eliminate all harmful materials and scarce minerals from the production process.

They already work mainly with sustainable materials from their own country. For example, they use wood waste to press tabletops and leftover steel to make accessories. Their goal is to work only with sustainable materials.

What makes them sustainable?

Vepa's sustainability is multifaceted. It encompasses responsible production practices, regional sourcing, waste reduction, circular design, and active stakeholder involvement.

They are a sustainable manufacturer due to their control over the production process. Their office and project furniture are 100% made in their own factories, guaranteeing superior quality, and reducing CO2 emissions, up to 70%. They minimize environmental impact by locating production facilities close to customers and sourcing materials. Furthermore, Vepa aims to become a waste-free factory and collaborate with organizations to explore circular possibilities. They are also always looking to create new solutions using existing materials. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability sets an example for the furniture industry, inspiring others to join the journey toward a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible future.

Plastic Whale

Vepa and Plastic Whale are joining forces to take action against the plastic problem. Plastic Whale by Vepa is circular office furniture made from canal plastic.

Hemp Fine

With the Hemp Fine, they’re the first in the world to launch a collection of chairs with a shell of this unique biomaterial. The used materials hemp and resin are both fully biological, plant-based and recyclable.

And much more!

Vepa has a big variety of products and collections, also check out their notable projects and learn a lot more about the company.