what is T'riffic

It’s the workwear brand of Schijvens fashion. The collection they have is a broad collection of general workwear. Suitable for companies in construction, logistics, assembly and event construction.

their mission

T’riffic wants to provide companies with (circular) clothing. That they able to order in small quantities, if needed.

They are looking to do this with their workwear brand. T’riffic provides two collections, which will enable them to achieve their mission. The circular collection is an environmentally and socially sustainable product. The second collection is the Fair Wear collection, a socially sustainable and above all FAIR product.


What makes them sustainable?

T’riffic is sustainable in their collection of clothes and the production process of those clothes.

All their factories are monitored by the Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear Foundation is dedicated to ensuring good working conditions in the clothing industry and monitors their factories. Meaning that they pay the employees a fair wage, for instance. They also have a collection of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, cardigans, shirts, and work trousers from recycled yarns of 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester. Recently, they have also introduced jackets and softshells made entirely from 100% recycled polyester.


By purchasing their circular collection, you contribute to saving close to 20% CO2, 36% energy and 96% water, per piece of clothing. Moreover, when your clothes are worn out, you can return them to T’riffic and they will recycle them!

Circulair Wear

This is their clothing line that is made from a 100 procent recycled material.

Fair Wear

With the clothes from the Fair Wear collection T’riffic can ensure that they are made under good circumstances. Everybody gets a fair price in their production!

And much more!

Check out all the products of T’riffic and see what they can do for you!