what is Nike

Nike is a well known shoe and sports brand. On this page we will focus on their collection Space Hippie and their sister company Nike Grind. This companies break down old Nike shoes and turns them into new materials.

Their mission

Nike's mission is to develop a circular waste system to reuse and recycle material waste in their footwear and apparel supply chain.

They achieve this with Nike Grind. They focus on sustainability and recycling within the sportswear industry and their own production process. It involves the repurposing of various materials to reduce waste and environmental impact. The main objective of Nike Grind is to give new life to materials that would otherwise be discarded. A great example of this is the shoe collection called Space Hippie. These shoes are made from the recycled materials that came from their old shoes.



Their Goal

Reduce waste wherever we can and reuse that waste whenever we can’t.

They have made various projects possible by providing access to recycled materials for creative initiatives. Through collaborations and partnerships, Nike Grind has enabled the development of innovative products, sustainable fashion collections, artistic installations, and community-driven initiatives that promote recycling and environmental awareness.

What makes Nike sustainable?

They are sustainable due to its innovative approach to materials.

They collect and recycle manufacturing scraps, unused materials, and end-of-life shoes. These materials are then transformed into new products like footwear, apparel, and sports surfaces, reducing the need for virgin resources. Nike Grind promotes a circular economy by continuously recycling and reusing materials, minimizing waste. Additionally, they also engage with communities and collaborate with local initiatives, providing access to Nike Grind materials for community projects. They also invest in research and development to improve recycling technologies and processes, driving continuous improvement in sustainability practices.


They have a wide collection of clothes made from recycled materials. Like there Space Hippie shoes for example.


Besides clothing they also offer materials that would otherwise be wasted, such as rubber, foam, fabric, and leather scraps.

And much more!

Take a look at all the different things they do and the amazing projects they have done!