Mud jeans

Mud jeans

what are Mud jeans

Mud Jeans is the first circular denim brand, and the pioneering fashion company launched the groundbreaking Lease-a-Jean Model in 2013.

their mission

Mud Jeans aims to revolutionize the polluting fashion industry.

They started with the most iconic garment: jeans. The production process of Mud Jeans consumes 93% less water and emits 74% less CO2 compared to conventional methods. Moreover, each MUD-Jean is recycled after use, preventing this valuable sustainable resource from ending up in landfills.

Jeans are one of the biggest polluters in the fashion industry. The production of a single pair of jeans involves the use of various chemicals and approximately 7,000 liters of water. Considering the staggering annual sale of over 2 billion jeans, the potential impact of recycling jeans and incorporating organic cotton is enormous. This is precisely the approach adopted by Mud Jeans.


What makes them sustainable?

Mud Jeans engages in the production, sale, and recycling of jeans.

Their jeans are crafted with classic fits and attractive designs, using natural and high-quality materials, while minimizing waste. A unique aspect of their approach is the option to lease jeans, allowing customers to return them for recycling when they are no longer needed.

They prioritize the creation of products that benefit the planet, and everyone involved. They achieve this by maintaining a short supply chain and fostering sustainable relationships with suppliers. Through the implementation of a code of conduct, Mud Jeans ensures a safer and healthier working environment for colleagues, both within and outside the factories.

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