De Clique

De Clique

what is De clique?

De Clique offers a carbon-neutral collection service for organic waste streams such as coffee grounds, orange peels, and biowaste. Out of these waste streams they create new products!

their mission

De Clique is actively committed to rescuing as many waste streams as possible and transforming them into valuable raw materials for new products.

Moreover, it urges you to reconsider your waste management practices, particularly in business environments, where numerous organic waste streams like coffee grounds, peels, and other food residues are frequently disposed of as general waste. By ceasing this practice, you can contribute to De Clique’s initiative of creating new products from these materials. Currently, De Clique collaborates with over 125 companies/partners who serve as suppliers of raw materials.

Additionally, De Clique provides valuable assistance in coaching and training employees to effectively separate waste. Together with their partners, they utilize the collected waste streams to craft innovative and sustainable new products.


What makes de Clique sustainable?

They actively recycle more than 15,000 kg of resources from Utrecht per month, resulting in a significant monthly reduction of over 5,800 kg of CO2 emissions!

De Clique collects organic waste streams in the provinces of Utrecht and South Holland, with plans for future expansion to other cities. The waste streams are carefully collected and separated in an environmentally friendly manner, often utilizing methods such as cargo bikes. Following collection, all materials are utilized in the creation of new products. Orange peels, for instance, are transformed into delicious soft drinks and crispy focaccia. Coffee grounds find a purpose in the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, which are then incorporated into vegan bitterballs and croquettes for example.

Made from coffee grounds

The coffee grounds serve as fertile soil for mushrooms. And they make delicious products from those mushrooms!

Made from orange peel

They also use orange peels to create delicious sodas, check them out!

Made from food trimmings

from food trimmings their making thee, perfect for a cosy night on the couch!

And more food made from left overs!

check out their website by clicking the on the link and see what they offer!